okay so that whole seattle thing

I'm going to do my best to remember this as accurately as I possibly can but I guarantee there will be some minor errors although I guess that's fine because NONE OF YOU WILL HAVE A CLUE.

I stepped off the train and was immediately subjected to that strange feeling of actually being outside after looking at outside through a window for six hours. It was hot, which surprised and disappointed me. I was in Seattle: I paid for gloom and doom; where was my gloom and doom? My theory is that dreariness has trouble staying alive when Mallory and Demitrios are nearby.

I walked into the station and did that thing when you're looking for someone but don't want to look completely bewildered. You know what I'm talking about because you've done it too. You arrive somewhere to meet someone and you don't see them immediately. You play it cool and instead of standing in one place and looking for them, you keep walking, confident that they'll enter your line of sight soon enough. You can't have this building full of strangers thinking you're a chump who can't find his way around places without someone to guide him. That would not do. You are independent. You don't care. You are cool. You don't care that you're cool. People see you and think, "Man, that guy's really got it together." But you don't care what those people think. Those people aren't cool. Those people are looking for other people.

Anyway, I kept walking and eventually found the smiling, waving Mallory and the ever-dapper Demitrios, who was inexplicably dressed in a suit in 85-degree weather. I probably shouldn't say inexplicable because I completely understand where he's coming from. Other guys can vouch for me, when you're wearing a suit, you're the most important man on earth.

When you're wearing a suit, you're Diddy.

We met and hugged and discussed the train ride and how nice it was to see each other again and then we started walking to Victor Steinbrueck park for gathering festivities (strange note: most of the Seattleites I talked to didn't know where the park was or what it was like. When we got there, I realized that despite having been to Seattle twice in my life, I had been there before on my trip to see John and Hank speak). On the way there, we stopped at Beard Papa's for a cream puff. If you've never had a cream puff before, imagine a thin pastry COMPLETELY full of cream filling. Though small, it is the most formidable dessert I have ever tackled. I got through half of it before I contracted diabetes.

After an embarrassing ride on the light rail (I was sitting in a handicapped seating area and didn't realize it and someone had to tell me to stand up so I looked like a tool) and a quick walk, we arrived and began mingling.


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  1. Ahahah. I love the way you tell stories. ^_^

  2. I didn't know you had a blog!
    Time to followwww :D yahh